To start the new year as part of our social media management work we created Facebook landing tabs for our clients Elena Baltacha and ITF Junior Tennis.  We wanted to keep the landing tabs simple but reflect the personality of the client.  For Elena Baltacha we chose a simple image, with personal handwriting to reflect the personal nature of her interaction with her fans.

For ITF Junior Tennis we needed an image that was not specific to one player and also an image that would not date.  However, we wanted to reflect the young demographic of the page which we did through creating a  modern font.  The page has a very international following, so we put the focus on the arrow so that non English speakers can still follow the call to action.

Facebook landing tabs give a page individuality and help to convert casual visitors to Likes.  However, remember that once you have converted visitors to Likes, you still need to create regular, interesting fresh content to keep those new Likes engaged.

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